Syed Kamal - Project Operations Manager

Syed Kamal

Syed Kamal, a TeamLease depute at Microsoft for almost a decade. He turns a little philosophical as the conversation begins. “A decade is a long time. Only a few things in the world or life lasts that long.” Kamal, as he is fondly called by his colleagues and friends, puts his success down to hard work, determination, patience and empathy.

In 2007, Kamal joined Microsoft through TeamLease as an Operations Assistant; over the next ten years, by 2017, he had risen to become a Project Operations Manager. He is part of Microsoft’s global “Partner in Learning” program that spans across 40 countries. He involves himself in functions like Financial Management, Risk Management, Organizational Effectiveness and Organizational Leadership. Kamal is an asset to the company thanks to his above mentioned qualities.

Dr. Vinnie Jauhari, Director, Education Advocacy at Microsoft leaves an inspiring recommendation to Kamal as we reached out to her. She said, “Kamal is an amazing person with so much sincerity and commitment. He is a great support, always forthcoming and so enthusiastic. He is a Hero for us, always leading from the front and a pleasure to work with”! Today, Kamal is still as agile and inspired as a freshman. “It's been ten years, but there is still a lot to learn and a lot to teach. It still feels like day one. The pace of innovation has increased, and the stakes are higher”. On his association with TeamLease he says, “I express my gratitude to TeamLease for giving me the opportunity to work with them these ten remarkable years of warmth, friendship and support”.

On the personal front, Kamal loves listening to soulful Jagjit Singh ghazals. A plateful of simple homemade curd rice is his favorite food. On leisurely days, he loves paying a visit to Darshini, Indiranagar. Though Kamal has travelled across Brazil, South Africa, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Czech Republic on work assignments, in 2018, he wants to take some time off with his family for a sweet little stint at God’s own country, Kerala!

We wish Kamal continued success and bigger better opportunities in 2018.