Teamlease Recruitment services would offer the most compressive solutions to your hiring needs. The spectrum of offerings Spans across a 4 / 3 Metric on Verticals and Offerings.

RPO 4x3 ModelRPO 4x3 Model

Adoption of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) with organisation has seen substantial increase in India as the outcomes have bought in the desired and delightful results to the organisations.

As the model revolves around creating a transparent, SLA based and Outcome oriented recruitment process the organisations have benefited on the time to hire, Cost and the quality of hires.

The essence of RPO is to offer exclusivity either side with accountability maintained through the engagement with the project governance structure.

RPO Teamlease has been able to hire over 2000 lateral hires within 8 months. They have delivered 99.3% hires with in the timelines, decreased the offer back outs by 27% with their POFU process, decreased the Cost per hire to a substantial 23% - 35%, 80% increase in Quality of hires as per the feedbacks given by the customers.

RPO Models facilitating the recruitment process for various needs of the client are as follows

  • Enterprise RPO – End to End outsourcing of recruitment process
  • Project RPO – Time and SLA bound Hiring for volumes and multi –geography
  • Process RPO – Any and multiple Process of RPO outsourced (Example POFU, CV Validation, Candidate management, Offer and on-boarding)
  • Campus RPO – Convenient Platform for connecting the CAMPUS to Corporates
  • Recruiter on Demand – Time bound outsourcing of Recruiters to meet additional demands

The cutting edge contextual search and API integration technology help RPO process on the speed to source and present to the customers.

Banking segment has seen an upsurge in their requirement on various hiring’s on Sales, Branch banking, Core banking. RPO seems to be the preferred hiring mode as the banks have a PAN India coverage on recruitments given by Teamlease with over 1500 hired in the past 1 year. ERPO is the preferred model adopted with Banks.

IT Industry has always had the need for niche skills hiring which is successfully executed through Project RPO model as it is time and SLA bound hiring.

Pharma companies have outsourced their recruitment to Teamlease on ERPO mode as they were to focus on their core businesses. MNC’s prefer the Project RPO model for executing PAN India RPO processes

Teamlease aims at offering transformational solution on recruitment with the mentioned RPO offerings to enable the human resource and business needs of organisations.

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