RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For companies looking to outsource their recruitment process for permanent employees, we work with them to provide the flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution best suited to their needs.

We can take care of the whole process, a part of the process or act as a partner for all their permanent recruitment needs. We reduce complexity for our client, bring predictability to costs, improve candidate experience and most importantly improve talent quality for our clients – we ensure they get the right people, with the right skills set at the right time.

The various RPO offerings for various needs of our clients are as follows

  • Enterprise RPO – End to End outsourcing of full recruitment process
  • Project RPO – Time and SLA bound hiring
  • Process RPO – Outsourcing of one or more than one recruitment process (Example POFU, CV Validation, Scheduling etc)
  • Recruiter on Demand – Time bound outsourcing of Recruitment talent

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