Notification of National and Festival Holidays with wages to all employees employed under Shops & Establishments Act, for the year 2017

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ESIC has been extended to all 2 districts in the State of Telengana

ESIC has been extended to all 2 districts in the State of Telengana - (No. S-38013/26/2016-SS.I ) Effective from 1st September, 2016

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Minimum Wage revision (i.e. in BASIC) pertaining to “Liquor industry”

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Revised rates of Minimum Wages for all Industries/ categories in Dadra Nagar Haweli

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Chandigarh - Minimum wage notification

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Revised rates of Minimum Wages for Clinical Nursing Home in West Bengal 

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Uttarakhand - ESIC

New ESIC implemented locations in Haridwar District of Uttarakhand State 

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A male employee unemployed for 2 or more months can withdraw 90% of own PF contributions & interest. A female employee not employed for 2 or months due to:
a) her marriage,
b) pregnancy, or
c) birth of her child can withdraw 90% of own PF contributions & interest.

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Kerala Consumer Price Index Numbers for Agricultural Labourers and Industrial Workers

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Comprehensive overview about the mechanics of hiring, job growth, salaries and their drivers, for the period October’17 to March’18. The net employment outlook for the coming six months (Oct'17- March’18) will see an incremental increase of 2 percentage point. The positivity in the outlook is attributed to the increase in government spending and the stable hiring growth exhibited by few of the sectors and cities. Around six of the eighteen sectors surveyed have indicated positive hiring sentiments. Though the gains are mostly incremental the overall sentiment is positive. Talent in Financial Services will be the biggest gainer of this upbeat mood. The financial services industry alone is expected to see a 3 point rise in employment outlook. In fact, the RBI’s thrust on increasing banking penetration and its decision to give more licenses to private sector players is expected to boost the sector significantly. Further, GST is expected to improve state finances by the Reserve Bank of India and, thereby, bolster bank finances. The other key sectors that will also experience positive hiring intent are Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Health & Pharmaceuticals. While the sentiment in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing sector is not as high as Financial Services, the sector tops the list with regard to job creation. The sector will experience a 14.16% growth in jobs. With a 7 and 4 percentage point drop the laggards in the coming half year are construction & real estate, Agriculture & Agro Chemical and Travel & hospitality respectively.



  • A momentary respite for the job market as the Net Employment Outlook looks up incrementally (+2 points) following the previous HY's downtrend.
  • The minor recovery is thanks to the hiring sentiment for senior roles (+4), Blue Collar (+4) and Engineering profiles (+3), and large businesses (+2) looking to hire in Metro and Tier-1 cities (+2). The gains are mostly incremental and, while the overall sentiment is positive, the outlook remains subdued across most of the sectors and geographies
  • Likewise, Mumbai and Hyderabad's 3 point lead is significantly diminished by Pune (-4), Chennai (-4), Bangalore (-2) and Kolkata (-1).
  • Hiring sentiment continues to be positive among large businesses (+2), while small businesses remain pessimistic (-5).  The medium sized are slowly getting back on their feet (-2).
  • The silver lining is a clutch of clusters that show promise for the HY
    • KPO hiring in Bangalore (+5), Mumbai (+4) and Hyderabad (+4)
    • Ecommerce/Tech Startups hiring in Hyderabad (+6), Chennai (+5), Bangalore (+4), Delhi (+4) and Ahmedabad (+4)
    • Financial Services in Mumbai and Ahmedabad (+4 each)
    • Power & Energy in Ahmedabad (+5) and Mumbai (+4) and
    • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals in Pune (+4)
  • Three of the seven Functional Areas – Engineering (+3), Blue Collar (+3) and Office Services(+2) – are sought after by employers. Marketing (-4) and Human Resources (-3) are associated with negative sentiment.
  • Manufacturing makes a smart recovery, although hiring sentiment in the sector remains slightly negative (-2, up from -5 during the previous HY). The pall of gloom projected in public discourse seems to be based more on hearsay than on hard facts.
  • Financial Services (+3) and KPO (+2) lead the gains with less than substantial sentiment growth. Construction & Real Estate (-7), Agriculture & Agrochemicals (-4) and Travel & Hospitality (-4) are looking bleak.


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Notification on Online Registration under Pondicherry Shops and Establishment Act, 1964.

Every employer has to obtain shops and establishment registration through Online Portal from the Pondicherry Labour Department effective from 9th Nov 2017 and also department advised to follow certain provisions with respect to Minimum Wages, closing and opening of Shops, Working Hours, Appointment letters and Identity Cards to all employees under Pondicherry Shops and Establishment Act, 1964

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Notifcation on Single Online Annual Return filing under various Legislations in Punjab

Every employer registered under various labour legislation has to file a Single online annual return in e-Portal (pblabour.gov.in) ending 31st December shall be furnished before 31st Januaruy of every year from the date of this notification

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As per EPFO circular dated 8th November 2017, the EPFO has released new functions under the EPFO UMANG app. Functionalities include (1) Employee centric services like viewing passbook, raising claim, tracking claim; (2) Employer Centric Services like getting remittance details by establishment ID, getting TRRN status and (3) General service like search establishment, search EPFO, know your claim status. More information on the UMANG app and option for download is available in the following link: https://web.umang.gov.in/web/#/

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Revised procedure for Auto-transfer of accounts

With reference to the above circular, it is to inform that the necessary functionality required to carry out Auto Transfer of accounts of a member on change of employment  has been launced in Unified Portal/ EPFO Application Software.

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TeamLease Comments

Functionality required carrying out Auto Transfer of P.F. accumulations of a member on change of employment has been launched in Unified Portal .Via the EPFO letter dated 15th Nov 2017

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November Gazette 2017
MOOC in Apprenticeship For Employability & Employment

The MOOC in Apprenticeship report delves into the two most impetuous forces of doing and learning – Apprenticeships and MOOC – and attempts to unravel the ensuing benefits of employability and productivity for businesses. It does so with along with the help of an analytical toolset comprising of an Apprenticeship Index and an Employability Index.

Learning-by-doing and learning-while-earning. Doctrines that we, as a nation, paid scant regard to are coming home to roost. Over the past 25 years as India transformed itself and hurtled through a series of events and opportunities – economic reforms, the IT and ITeS revolution, the financial crisis, demographic dividend and, now, the knowledge economy – we have come to pause and stare at jobless growth. This, even as 13 million new entrants throng the workforce every year.

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Maharashtra Holidays 2018

Holidays Declaration by Government of Maharashtra : 2018

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Government of Karnataka - 2018

General Holidays sanctioned by Government of Karnataka 

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Government of Tamil Nadu 2018

Declaration of Holidays Dated : 7th November 2017

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