Notification on 2018 Holidays List - Ranga Reddy District

The Telangana Labour Department has released the list of holidays for the year 2018 - Ranga Reddy District

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Jharkhand Notification on List of Holidays

Jharkhand released the notification on list of holidays

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PF contribution issue

Employee Provident Fund Contribution Issue

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Notification on Introduction Of One Employee One EPF Account Facility under EPFO

” As per EPFO circular dated 1st December 2017, the EPFO has introduced a facility to the members to merge their earlier PF accounts to the current PF account so that the EPFO may help them in the integration of all these PF accounts in the current UAN activated PF account”.


Features of the said facility are as follows:


(1) A member has to provide his current activated UAN along with the current member ID & Mobile number registered at UAN Member portal.


(2) On validating these credentials, EPFO will facilitate the member to register his/her EPF accounts. Members can enter details of as many as ten previous PF account numbers.


(3)The earlier PF member IDs provided by members will be forwarded to EPFO field office to which earlier member ID pertains. EPFO is currently sending sms to its members whose requests are pending and will also ensure that multiple accounts are consolidated as early as possible.



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Restricted-Holiday-2018 Manipur

Manipur Restricted-Holiday-2018 

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Nagaland Holidays Notification-2018

Nagaland has released the list of holidays for the year 2018 

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Public-Holiday-2018 Manipur

Manipur Public-Holiday-2018 

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General-holiday-2018 Manipur

Manipur General-Holiday-2018 

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Bihar Holidays list

Bihar State has released the list of holidays for the year 2018 

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Mizoram have released the notification on list of holidays

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Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu have released the notification on list of holidays

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Orissa - List of 2018 Holidays

Notification on Orissa 2018 list of holidays

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Maharashtra Government has Notified effective date Maharashtra Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 2017.

Brief Highlights:

  • Applicability of the Act: The provisions of the Amendment Act shall apply to the establishments which employ ten or more workers, in contrast to the Act which applied to all establishments, irrespective of number of employees employed. However, establishments which employ less than 10 workers shall give intimation to Facilitator appointed under the Amendment Act by submitting online application, within a period of sixty days from the date of the commencement of this Act or the date on which establishment commences its business.
  • Appointment of Facilitators: The Amendment Act provides for appointment of facilitator who has powers to examine all the provisions as specified in all establishments.
  • Registration:   -       Registration under the Amendment Act has been made online.
  • Employers have to submit an online application within 60 days from commencement of the Amendment Act or commencement of business.
  • The term of registration certificate granted under the Act shall be for a period as requested by the applicant. However, such term shall not exceed 10 years.
  • The Amendment Act has introduced a new provision which provides that registration under the Amendment Act may be cancelled if registration is obtained through misrepresentation or suppression of material facts or by submitting false or forged documents or false declaration or by fraud.
  • As per this new provision under this legislation, increase in the working hours per day including spread over is 12 hours.
  • Introduction of 8 casual Leaves per year and one day paid leave for every 20 working days. Carry forward or accumulation of paid leaves shall not exceed 45 days.
  • Introduction of welfare provisions as per this new Act.

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Jammu and Kashmir List of Holidays 2018

As per the provisions of Jammu and Kashmir Industrial Establishment (National and Festival Holidays) Act and the rules framed there-under it is the statutory obligation on the part of the employer that in each calendar year every employer shall frame and declare their employees one whole day as a holiday on 26th January, 13th July, 15th August, 2nd October and four other holidays. It is also the duty of employer to be display in the establishment on or before 31st December both in Local Language and English language on the Notice Board and in any other conspicuous place in the establishment.

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Employee Provident Fund Organisation
Kerala - Minimum Wage Revised

Kerala - Minimum Wage Revised Effective 1 June 2017

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Meghalaya- Minimum Wage Revised

Meghalaya- Minimum Wage Revised Effective 1 April 2017

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Employee Provident Fund Organisation

Employee Provident Fund Organisation

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PGA - Upper ceiling on Gratuity Amount

PGA - Upper ceiling on Gratuity Amount PGA - Upper ceiling on Gratuity Amount  20 Lakhs increased

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Notification on Introduction of Online request functionality to EPF Subscribers for correction of Name, DOB and Gender

“RPFC (Regional Provident Fund Commissioner) introduce the open functionality for correcting Name, DOB and Gender through unified portal to all EPF members. The current process of submitting joint declaration for making corrections is not accepted by the department. Employees whose basic details (like Name, DOB and Gender) can be corrected in EPFO online portal, post correction the system will verify the entered details, after successful verification this request will be automatically transferred to the employers’ login for further process”.

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