December, 2016
1   Bihar Minimum Wages

Bihar Minimum Wages

2   Chandigarh Minimum Wages

Chandigarh minimum Wages

November 2016
1   List of Holidays

List of holidays for 2017 statewise

1. Chhattishgarh_Holidays_2017
2. Goa_Holidays_2017
3. Haryana_Holidays_2017
4. Himachalpradesh_Holidays_2017
5. Karnataka_Holidays_2017
6. Kerala_Holidays_2017
7. Maharastra_Holidays_2017
8. Manipur_Holidays_2017
9. MP_Holidays_2017
10. Pondicherry_Holidays_2017
11. Rajasthan_Holidays_2017
12. Sikkim_Holidays_2017
13. Tamilnadu_Holidays_2017
14. Telangana_Holidays_2017
15. 1Gujarat_Holidays_2017

Note: Still few states holiday list are not released. We would update you once we receive the same

2   Bonus Returns

Filing online return under Rule 5(1) is omitted.

Rule 5(2) still continue and accordingly, need to file the return in hard copy.

3   ESIC – Andhra Pradesh

ESIC – Andhra Pradesh

Implementation of ESIC Scheme in Chittor, Ananthapuram, Kadapa & Kurnool(Andhra Pradesh)

4   ESIC – Assam and Uttarakhand

ESIC – Assam and Uttarakhand

Implementation of ESIC Scheme in Biswanath & Chirang (Assam State), Tihri Garhwal & Pauri Garhwal (Uttarakhand)

5   PF - Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana

PF - Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana

A new scheme “Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana” (PMRPY) has been announced in the Budget for 2016-17 with the objective of promoting employment generation and an allocation of Rs. 1000 crores has been made. The scheme is being implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Employment in 2016-17. Under the scheme employers would be provided an incentive for enhancing employment by reimbursement of the 8.33% EPS contribution made by the employer in respect of new employment.

The PMRPY scheme is targeted for workers earning wages upto Rs. 15,000/- per month. Publicity and awareness campaign is an integral component of the PMRPY scheme for encouraging employers including Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to avail benefits.

6   PF - Digitalization of Registers

PF - Digitalization of Registers

Ministry of Labour & Employment (Mole) has taken a number of initiatives to bring transparency and accountability in enforcement of Labour Laws and also in reducing complexity in compliance due to multiplicity of Labour Laws and enforcement agencies. A Unified Shram Suvidha Portal has been launched by the Ministry of Labour & Employment since 16.10.2014, to facilitate transparent risk-based inspections, their timely reporting and submission of returns etc.

7   PF - Interest for Inoperative accounts

PF - Interest for Inoperative accounts

The government is all set to issue a notification authorizing retirement fund body EPFO to pay 8.8 percent interest to "inoperative" accounts, Union Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said.

8   Kerala CPI index

Kerala CPI index is changed

9   HP Minimum Wages

Minimum Wages of Himachal Pradesh is revised

10   Labour Welfare Fund - Guajarat

LWF rate for Gujarat is increased.

October 2016
1   UP minimum Wages

UP minimum Wages

2   Telengana Minimum Wages

Telengana Minimum Wages

3   Punjab Minimum Wages

Punjab Minimum Wages

4   Madhya Pradesh Minimum Wages

Madhya Pradesh Minimum Wages

5   Karnataka Minimum Wages

Karnataka Minimum Wages

6   Haryana Minimum Wages

Haryana Minimum Wages

7   Gujarat Minimum Wages

Gujarat Minimum Wages

8   Delhi Minimum Wages


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