Our Vision

TeamLease’s long term philosophy and goals are best reflected by our purpose of "Putting India to Work".

We are one of India's leading providers of human resource services in the organized segment delivering a broad range of human resource services to various industries.

Our services span the entire supply chain of human resources in India, covering aspects of employment, employability and education. Our employment services include temporary staffing solutions, permanent recruitment services and regulatory consultancy for labor law compliance; our employability offerings include different types of learning and training solutions, including retail learning solutions that we provide in partnership with National Skill Development Corporation (“NSDC”), institutional learning solutions and enterprise learning solutions. According to CRISIL, we are one of the largest temporary staffing companies in India in terms of revenues and number of associate employees in 2014. As of July 31, 2015, we had 99,090 associate employees, making us one of India's leading people supply chain companies. All of our businesses operate on an asset-light model with low capital expenditure requirements.

Our core business is providing staffing solutions across industry sectors and diverse functional areas, the majority of our associate employees are engaged in sales, logistics and customer service functions. We focus on people, processes and technology to enhance business productivity by enabling our clients to outsource their staffing requirements and allowing them to focus on operating and growing their core businesses. As on March 31, 2015, We have provided employment to approximately 1.12 million associate employees since 2002. During June, 2015, we served approximately 1,214 clients with a network of eight branches and 1,106 full-time employees across India. We are managed professionally by a high quality management team with deep extensive market and industry expertise, exhibiting thought leadership on matters of public policy. We had 979, 1,057 and 1,106 full-time equivalent employees as of March 31, 2014, March 31, 2015 and June 30, 2015, respectively.

We have provided services under the Teamlease brand for more than ten years and IIJT brand for more than five years. We have grown largely organically, driven by our strong operational and technological excellence. From time to time we also identify and complete acquisitions to improve operational synergies, acquire new clients or enter new sectors. While we traditionally have not been focused on any particular industry sector in providing human resource services, we are currently exploring opportunities to enter the growing information technology (“IT”) and healthcare and hospitality services sectors.

We are a technology-led company and have developed in-house technology platforms and enterprise resource planning to efficiently operate our staffing, recruitment and regulatory compliance businesses. As of July 31, 2015, we employed a team of 64 software engineers who continually develop various applications that enable us to grow our businesses while achieving efficiency and economies of scale. We believe that our technology infrastructure is robust and offers high levels of utility and functionality that can manage the demands of a rapidly scaling business. Our focus now is on improving the scale and reach of our technology platforms, with plans to improve the front-end user interface.